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Feedback and pain. We bought the Who bundle of songs on Rock Band last night, and have already spectacularly failed out of no less than three of the songs on multiple instruments. IBitePrettyHard, the internet's majordomo of Rock Band drumming, even struggles on the sightread of "Young Man's Blues," which is kind of like saying George Selvie was held to just two sacks by a line of elementary schoolers in a Pop Warner game.

You know a band was preternaturally talented when even the bass parts are impossible. We came down in Icarus-like flames this morning off the bass solo in the live version of "My Generation;" we're typing this with our nose, so nasty were the runs. Then again, we're not hopped up on Peruvian Pep Powder like John Entwistle, so there's always trade-offs.

"Is simply not tenable." The Duke lacrosse case explains much of the extreme skepticism by media even thinking about covering Iowa's sexual assault debacle, but at this point that's not the issue: though the university president Sally Mason says no protocols were violated in the case, the decision to not inform the regents of the two letters sent by the mother "is simply not tenable." Anytime the regents call the university president to actually report on something not involving a balance sheet, though, it ain't good. Without comment from Ferentz or the AD, it looks murkier by the day for Iowa's football program and their ongoing "management crisis."

The Mayor has some suggestions for questions to be asked at SEC Media days, including this pithy query for Houston Nutt:

Houston Nutt: "Assuming for the sake of argument that you will be cast in the role of the Joker in the sequel to ‘The Dark Knight,’ would you decline an Oscar nomination out of principle or would you follow in Henry Fonda’s footsteps by accepting an Academy Award nomination for a role in which you essentially played yourself?"

Thanks, T. Kyle. When we're at SEC Media Days tomorrow--which we will be, bright and early so as to catch the spiritual procession that will be Nick Saban's entry--we'll be too busy imagining Houston Nutt in a nurse's uniform and Joker makeup talking to a half-faced Les Miles saying, "Now Harvey, it wasn't personal. I don't want there to be any...hard feelings between us..."

Mike Gundy is still 40! But not for long, since he turns 41 in a few weeks, though he retains his man-ness. Monsieur Volume does not favor these internets, though, unless it pertains to his fine Oklahoma fescue:

“I’m not a big computer guy,” Gundy said. “I’ve not once in my life been on YouTube. I don’t know how to get on it.

“I guess you could Google it. Sometimes I Google things. Like fertilizer and stuff that I want to put on my lawn.”

This means Mike Gundy is a man who has never seen this, this, or this. We tell you, Mike Gundy: eventually this will hurt your recruiting in the crucial "slow nerd" department. We promise you.

Feed the fever! With blaring house music! Oregon state has a glut of commercials, and Building the Dam sums them up nicely. Our favorite: the "Feed The Fever" ad, which until about 20 seconds in could be an ad for a gay gym, what with all the shirtless men, mood lighting, and lingering shots of oily back muscles. We say "a gay gym" because they look cut and fit, as opposed to "a straight gym," where the guys look bloated and pec-forward, and the women look "screaming-for-help-growing-white-waxy-fur-on-my-skin-anorexic."