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This...this really isn't Nick Saban heading to work on a normal day, is it?

The video--which for the video-impaired shows a 12 car, six motorcycle strong motorcade bullrushing through the middle of UA's campus--was uploaded on July 28th, 2007, and the description reads:

Nick Saban's daily routine, heading to work, on University Blvd here on campus at Alabama. We go jogging early and decided to bring a camera one day to catch a glimpse of our beloved coach.

We've seen the motorcades they use to ferry around members of the People's Congress and the Chinese politburo around Beijing, and you'll be sadly unsurprised to know that this is comparable to those. It kicks the stuffing out of the Laotian VIP motorcade, though; one motorcycle with a gumball light and three 1994 Mercedes do not prestigious, awe-inspiring display of privilege make.

Now someone please tell us this is a rare occasion, and that Saban doesn't roll through like this weekly anymore, and we'll go back to being oblivious about the obscene amount of power granted the head coach of Alabama. (For all we know, he's signing death warrants and running his own jails.)

Update: Old video, of course. We still think he runs his own secret prisons.