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Dennis Dodd's piece on Pat Ruel, the USC offensive line coach he dubs the best o-line coach in the country, includes a quote that validates J.R. Moehringer's claim that "It is impossible to write about Pete Carroll without sounding at least a little gay."

"Pete's like a beautiful woman," Ruel said after taking the job. "The closer you get, you better look out. He is very charismatic. He can smile and make you feel like a million dollars."

Ruel just sits there sometimes, waiting for the flowers, or the touch of the hand, or maybe even just a hint of his peppery, jasmine-tinged musk to float by...and the white knight always delivers, doesn't he? Yes, yes he does. A girl can be so lucky sometimes, you know. [/cue Gray's Anatomy music]

Just like a beautiful woman: Pete Carroll