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Tressel:cut, ready. Courtesy of the late, great Tressel's World.

Jim's been pumping iron. Doing hang cleans. Working the rings. Getting deep into some CrossFit shit. Jim's been getting Ripped Fuel and whey protein shakes. Taking Sport Beans during his six mile runs. Jim's got those sex muscle dents from all the tough love he's been giving himself in the weight room and on the stairs lately.

JT's gonna be ready, just like we're ready for EDSBS Live, where we ask you if you've been getting cut and ripped like old acid-washed jeans for the next season, and what the four Golden Ticket games you're looking forward to--that is, the games you want instant tickets to in order to maximize your college football pleasure in 2008

In case you can't tell, JT's looking toward the horizon with those bedroom eyes and seeing one thing: USC, brah. If Pete Carroll's like a beautiful woman, he's gonna make him him some Tresselation. One thing he's not: safe, no matter how many Trojans you throw at him. The eyes alone tell you that.

Listen here and join the festivities at 9 EDT.