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You're beautiful, it's true.

Only one thing remains less compelling than a blogfight, and that's a bumfight. Corrected: bumfights are far more compelling than blogfights, therefore ignore previous sentence. No one ever paid money to watch two dorks slap each other with laptops, though now that we're picturing it, there's a moderate amount of potential in the concept. (We call dibs on the steel-plated Toughbook.)

So if Bruins Nation and SMQ can't agree on what realistic expectations for HIS COACHNESS SIR RICK NEUHEISEL are, then we can count on two things. First, that Kyle will have a reasoned, cogent, and well-constructed 15,000 word piece on the topic. Second, that we propose peace by saying that in all the minor hubbub, we all agree on one thing: that HIS COACHNESS SIR RICK NEUHEISEL is the Platonic ideal of beauty brought down from the aether for our enlightenment.

Therefore, we present our intermittently updated poll, featured in the side bar to the right, which asks the question: What is more beautiful than HIS COACHNESS SIR RICK NEUHEISEL? We personally think there's only one answer, and that is that he himself is the definition of beauty.

This message brought to you by EDSBS, the most pro-Rick Neuheisel blog on the internet.