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We shall stuff sandbags with cease and desist letters. The Des Moines Register, clearly not busy doing anything else like covering biblical flooding threatening to engulf the major population centers of the state, took time out of their day to send a cease and desist letter to Black Heart Gold Pants for using this video to show the severity of the Iowa flooding before asking their readers to donate to a flood relief fund.

We'll take our c and d letter extra-spicy, Ms. Hickman! You know, with the fancy ketchup. BHGP has their story here, Peter explains some of the finer legal points here; Holly points out that the paper sent the c and d letter despite offering the embed code on its site. Revisiting the letter....

As the copyright owner of that video, The Des Moines Register has the exclusive right to its reproduction and distribution.

...unless you give the goddamn embed code to put the video on any blog anywhere on the internet on your site. Streisand effect, work your magic! Oh, and for Ms. Hickman's bedside table we recommend Walter Benjamin's seminal work The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Uh, we mean: we're bloggers! Can't read! Suck it, mainstream media type! YEAH! Baba-BOOOOIEEE RULZ!

A FAT raise! Get it! Phil Fulmer gets a fat raise, according to the Tennessean via the Wiz, and says he's good for eight to ten years more as the head coach at Tennessee. Hear that? He's good to go for eight to ten more years, meaning he's telling you how long he wants to be there. Almost like Joe Paterno, really, if you multiplied the mass times eight and the national titles by two.

Jim Delany likes his coffee like he likes his women: bitter, cold, and expensive. Kevin over at Fanblogs says Delany and the Big Ten Network got heaping braised slices of their own ass handed to them by Comcast in the final negotiations surrounding their contentious, three-years-plus tussle over how many households would see the network at what price. The exact phrasing, though:

Now... I don't know about you but where I come from, having left $8.5 million dollars per year on the table isn't just losing on a deal, it's getting your sweet pale @ss handed to you by a beast.

The bitter won't bother Delany, though. He'll keep his chin up as long as he's got his standard lunch of infant bones and field greens waiting for him, followed up by the requisite administering of the afternoon paper cuts and lemon juice chasers for the interns. The small things keep one sane, you know.

Coming soon: geeks burning very nice sofas in a controlled fashion. The possible road jerseys for Michigan are carbon copies of West Virginia's road jerseys. Michigan fans to burn couches in controlled fashion, drink eighty dollar bottles of aged whiskey with abandon, and to cheer for new sideline mascot in orange puffy hunting vest with high-powered deer rifle, "The U.P. Militiaman." No similarities intended.

Resurgence; we can see it. If this is who Randy Shannon is recruiting, Da U may rise again:

Senior Zach Kane, 18, of Bay View Drive was at a party about 11 p.m. Saturday when he broke a bottle over the head of a fellow teen, causing serious injuries which required at least nine stitches, Police Chief Michael G. Mastronardy said.

That's how you do it in the 305, son. One note though: a Miami player from Jersey? Is this a reverse Schiano dynamic in practice?