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Oh, Razorbacks. Conference rivalries aside, at this point it's hard to wish them any ill whatsoever. It's like a three-legged cat: Funny, but hasn't it been through enough without poking it?

Arkansas faithful have been through the coaching equivalent of having your mom leave the meth lab proprietor for the traveling salesman with the clammy handshake, and as the sports beat carousel grinds into motion for fall, take a look between the lines at the coverage from Fayetteville, and the fine bouquet of "FAMILY!" and "TRADITION!" and "STABILITY!" wafting from every passage....with just a soupcon of "...RIGHT?"

Arkansas News Bureau: Bobby Petrino knows where he came from! Bobby Petrino respects his elders! Bobby Petrino's one a'them faincy triple-option folks, but he's not here to hurt you!

Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Bobby Petrino loves his kid! And has always given him a seven-minute warning to pack his things before beating a path out of town! His family is settling into the community nicely!

KTHV Little Rock: Bobby Petrino is looking forward to August! Look at his eyes flickering back and forth. Now, trust him. Just this once. Because this is the only time he'll ever mean it when he says he'll still be here in two months.

Sporting News: Casey Dick's stock, a steady "buy". Poor kid, finally. And he's only got one more season, so if his coach cuts and runs, Dick will at least be safe in the warm embrace of the combine.

Yes, everything's coming up Bobby. Um, except the Falcons. Ow.