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CURIOUS INDEX, 6/12/2008

Morning, campers. Your token XX-chromosome sidekick has the run of the place through Monday. Got a tip? Graphic solicitation? Hateful screed to be considered for a future mailbag? (Coop, my darling, it's been too long. You never call.) Contact info's in the sidebar here. Hit me.

(Artist's rendering of Orson Swindle, Esq. not to scale)

Even ESPN thinks "Football Championship Subdivision" is a stupid name. The WWL reports that Bill Curry, he of Georgia Tech, Alabama, Kentucky, and ESPN itself, will helm the incubating Georgia State football program and provides this giggly nugget: "The Atlanta school will begin play in 2010 in the division formerly known as I-AA and will play its home games in the Georgia Dome." The next natural step is clearly the creation of an unpronounceable symbol to denote I-AA. Suggestions welcome, particularly those involving flightless birds.

Mis'sippy State's off probation. Money quote: "Sherrill's lawyer, Wayne Ferrell, didn't return a message Wednesday. Neither did Sherrill."

They'll breed. You'll die. Last year saw the emergence of the Northwestern band of brothers; this year's new Miami hotness is a bumper crop of baby receivers out of St. Thomas Aquinas. The city continues to breed its football talent in convenient multi-pack form. Are they growing them in test tubes like Colquitts? Who knows, but [heavy-handed segue into joke about gerbils, which also multiply very quickly, in order to have an excuse to post this video containing that one gay bar song that appears by law at least four times a week on this site]:

(Not to pile on, but it's the South Bend affiliate.) Anyone seen that episode of Sports Night where Danny gets emergency writer's block and comes up with the sentence, "The Flyers played the Red Wings in a hockey game last night and they won 4-3"? OK, now read this. That is the gawkiest series of sentences I've ever seen on a professional media website, and not even because it's about Eli Manning. Pepper The Notre Dame Comeback Dolphin bows his sleek head in weariness.

Rest easy, Dawg. Four-year Georgia QB and CFB Hall of Famer John Rauch died yesterday at the age of 80. Our condolences and best wishes to his family.