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Ahhhh, vacation. We haven't really had a proper vacation in a while, unless you count us going to the Philippines and making all those children for Tim Tebow to circumcise every few years. (It's the cirrrrrrrcullllll of laaaaaaaiiiiiiiiife...) That's more like work really, so we remain hesitant to count it, since the ladies of that special village--a little out of the way place we like to call Manila--won't let a man stay hydrated, much less let him check his email.

This vacation's real, live, and on the books, so we'll be out for Thursday, Friday, and Monday. We don't want to give away the location of our beach getaway, lest the madding crowd let on to the place and ruin its pristine shores. One hint, though: it rhymes with "Haiti"

Disneyland stole its original name, "The Happiest Place On Earth."

Holly will captain the ship in the interim. See you on Tuesday: in the meantime, check out the turbo-powered minds who will defend the honor of the blogosphere in Clay Travis' proposed Quiz Bowl matchup with mainstream journos.