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Trev, we know you must continue to film your short editorials for SprintTV (with the trained crew of professionals in a multimillion dollar studio) because it is what you do. We only ask one thing, Trev: please bring back the sun, so that the people of Atlanta may see the all-powerful sun again and walk without the curse of rickets.

HT on the illo: Barstoolio, who also has our top ten summer songs in trashtastic fashion.

His latest is on the Big Ten, who he says has a bit of a PR problem. We really don't care what you want us to believe, giant man: your size is short-circuiting any ability we have to listen to your football wisdom. Please, monster: just please step carefully away from downtown, mind the powerlines, and we can find a nice resting spot for you out by Stone Mountain with your own watering hole and everything. We promise. Just bring back the sun.