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One! Two! One-two-three-four! Aside from the quibble that "Jaws" is not Florida's fight song ("Orange and Blue," an not particularly descript piece of music, is) this is a fine way to kick off your day, test your knowledge of college fight songs, and force your breakfast up as part of a healthy bulimic diet when you hear a fight song you're conditioned to vomit upon hearing.

We lost our breakfast when they started playing the song about bestiality and killing federal agents. You know, "Rocky Top."

Starting WVU strong safety Charles Pugh has been kicked off the team after being charged with a felony for using a credit card allegedly swiped from a car in a Morgantown parking garage. Fulmer Cup points pending a good scrubbing of the police report, but we must urge restraint here in any condemnation of Pugh: it's not as if the cardholder was the dead girlfriend of your best friend or anything.

Lou Holtz's legacy at South Carolina is finished with the formal end of three years of probation, which "increased to three the number of schools former USC coach Lou Holtz left on NCAA probation," as helpfully noted by the State, who never fail to mention the fact that Lou Holtz left South Carolina on probation. Did we mention that Lou Holtz left South Carolina on probation? HE LEFT DANCING I TELL YOU!!!

Mack and Rick Barnes sit down for a talk about recruiting. If you imagine Peter reading Mack Brown's lines in his impeccable Mack impression, it's even funnier.

Just a reminder: It's only 177 days 'til the Iron Bowl, college football's most civilized rivalry.

The Iron Bowl, where even the legendary and dead are game.