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EDSBS Live returns! Listen here as we decide what the narrative will be for this year, summed up nicely in our patented (not quite) four questions below.

1. What is the best stolen storyline for your team this year? For Florida, this would be the exact storyline of the first 45 minutes of Blow: new comers improve our coverage, apply pressure to the opposition, and then make magic happen resulting in gold-lame speedo victory and beachside mansions in Mexico.

Just like that, but with Tim Tebow instead of Pervy McFondles there.

2. What is the worst stolen storyline for your team this year? The remainder of Blow. Newcomers, after initial success, spiral out of control on their own cockiness and end up in football lockdown.

3. If you could wish one storyline on another would be Texas Tech reading the script of Yellowbeard all season long, with the Red Raiders taking us all on a half-cuddle, half-rape on the way to a national championship. Mike Leach with burning hair twists would be boss, too.

4. The plotline of your life was stolen from......a Wes Anderson movie. There's strange doctors, a rapidly changing array of vocations, an odd lack of demonstrated emotion between family members, a decent but too coy soundtrack, and garbageloads of unnecessary allusions.

Talk to you tonight through a cold medicine-induced haze. (Seriously: tonight we really will be on that purple drank, but strictly for medicinal purposes.)