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We had this idea just before a post-lunch nap the other day: "Twitchy, the Martyr." Then we woke up and found a note we'd written to ourself on a scrap piece of paper: "Twitchy, the Martyr."

After bouncing around our brain for a few caffeine-addled hours, the meaning became all too clear: Twitchy is an imaginary mascot, the meaning and spirit of something embodied in a cartoonish, anthropomorphic form. Thus, we present to you our first imaginary mascot, Twitchy the Martyr, the mascot for Jihad A&M University. Lovingly by LSUFreek with some degree of homage to Hoodwinked.

Tasteful: Twitchy the Martyr, and his adoring fans. They take the field with a BOOM!