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Always pay your traffic tickets, especially if you just happen to be a merciless killer with bodies to hide. Nothing's a bigger bummer than evading the police for years just to be caught on a technicality, and if you don't believe us, ask Ted Bundy.

Speaking of mercenary souls with scarily black eyes and wandering ways, Bobby Petrino has one point added to the Razorbacks' total with the arrest of Arkansas running back Brandon Barnett on an outstanding traffic warrant--a cheap way to earn FC points, but there it is. Petrino claims to have had no idea of Barnett's outstanding ticket, and we believe him, especially as his attention was likely diverted looking through the want ads in College Coaching Monthly.

Odd side note from the Wikipedia entry on Ted Bundy:

On January 2, 1978, he went to an Ann Arbor bar and watched his former University of Washington Huskies beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl