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Oh, festiva! Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima with EDSBS Live tonight as we discuss SCANDAL in college football and at large with our guest, you.

The Four Scandalous Questions for the evening:

Who knew Hester was a Tide fan?

1. What was the worst scandal your school ever had? SMU fans, please feel free to call in.

2. What's the worst scandal in college football RIGHT NOW? Feel free to slander whomever you like, so long as you are entertaining about it while on the air.

3. What's the worst scandal you personally have been involved with? We'll reveal ours on air, so scandalous is it.

4. What's your favorite scandal? Nick Leeson, Rogue Trader. When you take down a whole bank with a single bet, you're living to win, man. Leeson now writes books called "Coping With Stress" and plays poker professionally while running an Irish soccer club. Aside from time spent in Singaporean prison and colon cancer...where's the downside, exactly?

We'll see you tonight. Listen in with the sidebar or by going here at