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We like women with weapons. It's not healthy, we know: blame it on too much adolescent viewing of Weimar Republic-era pornography, or on repeated viewings of Red Sonya, but either way there's a little extra electricity in the air when an attractive woman takes things up a notch or two to .50 caliber sexy with the addition of a potentially death-inducing weapon.

Thus, today's theme: famous ladies with weapons. Enjoy.

Zhang Ziyi

Phenomenal with both swords and curved blades at close range. Possesses a slight edge of craziness in her eye. Really seemed into it when Lo shoves his hand down her pants in the cave scene in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Played a character so possessed with passion and violence in the aforementioned film that she killed herself rather than live. All of these are traits we'd bulletpoint on a resume of hotness.

Vasquez, Aliens

Cast straight from the A-Rod school of female design, yes; however, our admiration springs from her ability to wield one of the baddest guns in movie history, her loving relationship with fellow mad gunner Drake, her pull-up ability, and her decision to blow herself and fifty aliens to hell rather than surrender.

Kate Beckinsale, Underworld.

Two guns. Hundreds of vampires. One indestructible laytex bodysuit.

Rose McGowan, Planet Terror.

Gets a gun attached to her later in the film and is still hot. We present the initial hot pants scene, where McGowan demonstrates excellent lift, separation, and globularity in the buttocks department.

Halle Berry, Die Another Day.

She's got a dive knife, right? That counts.

Pam Grier, Coffy

Shoots her politician boyfriend in the crotch with a shotgun after he betrays her to the mob. Looks Pam Grier-good the whole time doing it, too.