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This is probably an instance of Jim Rome joking and someone else picking it up as serious news:

ESPN's Jim Rome reported Friday on his "Rome is Burning" talk show that the Grand Rapids Rampage are one of two Arena Football League franchises interested in signing troubled LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, who was dismissed from the Tigers on Friday morning.

Yet that's news to Rampage officials.

Jim Rome doesn't really report anything, per se; rather, he says things in a hilariously downpitched voice in between long pauses and pat phrases like "RACK HIM" and fawning calls from listeners read off index cards.

But it's nice of Brian Van Ochten to take him that seriously. We heard Ryan Perrilloux was going to play first cockracquet for the Moon Team in the INTERGALACTIC BADMINTON SEX LEAGUE. Someone go fact check that immediately. (Press contact for IBSL Vance Duggans, 404-555-1234. He'll get back to you as soon as possible.)

In the meantime, the Sixty Million Dollar Motherfucking Dollar Man has inspired LSUFreek to new heights.

Run, Little Mac! Run!