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The headbutt is the way to eternal fight glory, the most underrated of fight moves: practically uncounterable, savage, and done with a healthy disregard for the thinking gland and its fine, rock-hard casing. Think of its savage effectiveness in the Road Warrior series, its succinct work in Road House, or its ubiquity in the Orc playbook through the Lord of the Rings movies.

It will not get you into a house party, though, if the person at the door does not want you to, something learned by head-butting, braincase-jarring Washington State defensive tackle Alan Roof the (skull) hard way on Saturday in Pullman.

Police say Roof, 22, allegedly head-butted a man who was keeping him out of a private party Saturday on Pullman’s College Hill.

It looked nothing like any of the scenes below.

That's one point for Washington State for fourth-degree misdemeanor assault in the Fulmer Cup. The guy who headbutted the hell out of Indiana Jones in the runway fight scene laughs at his puny efforts.