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Brian brings us this week's Cupdate, featuring an impressive defense and extension of Missouri's lead thanks to a weed arrest for the Tigers, who have brought the fiya this Fulmer Cup season. Explanations, bad math, and failed rhetorical backflips follow.


Not pictured on the board but making their debut: Boston College. BC doesn't make it onto the board, but with the arrest of defensive end Brady Smith for on-campus sexual assault (is that somehow worse than off-campus sexual assault?) and breaking and entering, the Eagles earn six points for the double felony charges. Even in their shame, Boston College fans would lie to point out that the six point score is more than the Notre Dame Irish scored against Georgia Tech last year in their opener.

Like Lance Armstrong in an EPO fit raging up the Alpe d'Huez, Missouri continues to pull away from the peloton with expert timing. Austin Wuebbels less than composed traffic stop fumbling earned the Tigers another 4 points this week, proving that when the competition gets close, the Tigers go to the no-huddle and being piling on points daring you to keep up.

Still missing: Florida? Miami? AND FSU? The Sunshine State's gone soft friends. Blame the kind and benevolent governance of our fabulous governor Charlie Crist, who's got the economy flaming despite the entire state taking it in the ass in the real estate market. They're all simply too happy and well-governed to get tasered! (Crossing fingers, looking at the Florida team and hoping everyone's got their gun locks in the fixed position on their assault rifles.)