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Missouri lineman Austin Wuebbels deserves some credit, at least. Though caught with marijuana, a pipe, and beer in the car at 3 in the morning this Sunday, how did our man do on the sobriety test administered to him at the jail after his arrest?

After he was taken to the police station, Wuebbels successfully passed a sobriety test.

Give it up! He failed the possession exam, but THAT'S AN A IN SOBRIETY, PEOPLE!

Wuebbels was about to get off with merely a warning when police noticed him grabbing at something under the dash, a classic example of not living the smooth, baby. Police then found the weed, the pipe, and the booze in the car, presumably factors in why anyone would end up awake and speeding around a smallish town in Missouri at three in the morning. Wuebbels ended up charged with suspicion of possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of alcohol by a minor and false identification, all misdemeanors.

Even with the misdemeanor tag, that's four points for the Missouri Tigers, who with three point-heavy arrests have tallied 20 points before the end of the spring semester in taking the lead in the Fulmer Cup. And for that, they deserve shame-claps a-plenty from the audience.