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WHEEE! Look, a Florida defensive back with the ball in his hands!

Orange and Blue game is this Saturday. Pete Carroll told us we were a bit overexcited-looking this morning...on Facebook, of course. The game will be televised on ESPN at 1 p.m. Yes, this is sick...and glorious.

It is your fault you do not have x-ray vision. Malcolm Kelly, OU receiver, ran a leisurely 4.68 at Oklahoma's pro day, and naturally, it is not his fault.

"Certain people have tried to hold me down, and they know who they are,” Kelly said after the workout. "I wouldn't say the whole OU coaching staff, but certain people, I would say that.”

He's talking about the apparent misdiagnosis of a quadriceps tear initially labeled a "deep thigh bruise," which in most cases we assume to be "Um, not so sure, but man the big dude does not like it when you touch his thigh on training table." Stoops thinks this is unfair, natch:

"I don't think that is fair,” Stoops said. "A lot of deep tissue injuries take a while to figure out. Our doctors do as good a job as anybody in the country. Regardless of what his injury was, misdiagnosed or not, it was a deep tissue injury. He never played. It isn't like he played a game and re-hurt it. He would not have done anything different than he's done, which is rest it for a long period of time, which he did, and rehab it.”

Bethune-Cookman doesn't play in the Fulmer Cup. Pity they're not divison one: BCC running back Brandon Wright not only gets an arrest for pulling a shotgun on a guy who owed him money, but also earns trafficking cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school, home invasion robbery and false imprisonment--and these are "among other charges." We'll update, as we may just deem this worthy of an Ellis T. Jones III award for individual achievement.

Paul Petrino, the offensive coordinator at Arkansas, is chasing wide receivers around the field for forty yards after every catch. This explains why, Arkansas student, you saw Razorback teammates idly throwing objects at miserable Hawg wideouts, who are now conditioned to sprint 40 yards after they catch any thrown object. Stop them before they run into traffic!

Artrell Woods laughs at your paper cut. A year after getting a dislocated spine in a freak weight room injury, Artrell Woods will likely play football in one form or another for Oklahoma State this fall. You're going to the gym today, Nancy, whether you like it or not, because Artrell woods dropped 185 pounds on his neck and he's asking to get hit again.