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LSU visited the White House yesterday, something you get to do when you win the BCS title, and Les Miles didn't even wear a hat. And boy-o, was the President ready for that one. Hear that can opener? Because your meal's coming, sportswriters:

“This is coach Les Miles’ first time celebrating here at the White House,” Bush said. “And a lot of folks are going to remember it because it’s the first time he’s being seen in public without a hat on.”

Bad intel again, dude, but it's 2008 and we're so past caring. Something positive did come of the whole circus, though: Ryan Perrilloux, terrorist hunter, did attend the ceremonies, and in fact caught Osama Bin Laden sneaking up to give George a thorough goosing.

Mr. President! The Sixty Million Dollar man knows an Osama when he sees him! Pic by LSUFreek, of course.

The other important quote comes from Glenn Dorsey, who reveals that the fog of war surrounding this president may be one created by poorly digested complex starches.

“You stand beside him and tears just come to your eyes,” Dorsey said after the event.

Gassy, but determined: much like Les Miles. No wonder the two men struck it off. And hey, the team didn't even have to stay in moldy FEMA trailers, which was nice of the Prez and all.