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Yes, LSU is traveling to the White House (with that lovable rake Ryan Perrilloux and his posse of "dancers") to meet our President, George W. Bush. Dick Cheney plans to be there in spirit, communicating with them via closed-circuit television from an undisclosed location while wearing a costume mustache, tophat, and while petting a hairless pet badger loyal to him and only him.

Presidents and coaches have been meeting for a long time, now, making the post-championship visit yet another kitschy tick on the President's endless list of meaningless photo ops. Urban Meyer and Florida went there last year, and enjoyed a savory waterboarding as a team-building exercise ("It tickles!", said safety Reggie Nelson!). Actually, Florida went there during the Clinton White House, too, visiting for their 1996 National title, a visit marked by Clinton's speech suggesting that the Fun 'n Gun was as revolutionary as the wishbone, and by the President's savage molestation of an unnamed reserve defensive back in the Lincoln Bedroom.

LSUFreek was moved to dig through the archives and find a few of the finer moments from coach/presidential summits. Enjoy.

Ronald Reagan, seen congratulating Jimmy Someone on winning the National Trees. Pill lady?

"No, seriously, the punk in the front row needs to button his fucking lip. I'll come down there and make you bleed like a peasant, you pissant."

No comment necessary.

"Fire McClellan. And no, I don't need help getting up, dammit. I've got at least another 150 years to live."