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Tommy Bowden wants you to read this quote and then look at the picture below it.

On freshman Kyle Parker, a footballer who's playing on the baseball team:

“I’ve watched him practice and I’ve watched him play (baseball). He’s really good looking. If I was a girl, I’d be very interested in him. He wears those tight pants. When you wear loose stuff, you can’t tell the definition of a guy’s body. In baseball, everything’s tight and you can tell he’s very well put together.”

My god, just look at him out there.

All of those years of living on the edge at Clemson are clearly beginning to erode his ability to censor his inner monologue. We're actually hoping Clemson struggles a bit this year just to get more quotes just like this from Bowden, who seems very comfortable with his own sexuality in calling another man "very well put together."

(HT: Dr. Strangecock, of course.)