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You sexy Vandals, you. Idaho is getting GRRRR tough this offseason. How do you know? Because they're COVERING THEMSELVES IN BABY OIL.

We would love to do a photo like this of all the bloggers we know covered in baby oil, if only because people continue to have too many children, and if we've ever heard of effective birth control, that would be it. (HT: Fight, Fight BSU.)

Steele speaks! In lists, of course, because he's Phil Steele, but we listen nonetheless. The winningest program overall and on the road over the past five years is USC, something that should surprise exactly zero and none of you reading this. The second-winningest program on the road is LSU, while the fourth-winningest on the road is Georgia, something that really shouldn't count since Georgia doesn't go anywhere they can't get to on a single tank of gas.

(That's changing!/no more Dooley homebody stuff/Florida doesn't travel either/etc! We know, we know.)

Perrilloux out. Again. Ryan Perrilloux, presumably somewhere in a Baton Rouge apartment yelling at the wall about his future as a sixty million motherfucking man, is missing from LSU's practices, meaning that after Miles let him back on the team and spelled out precisely what the terms of his obligations would be, Perrilloux nodded, turned around, and did the opposite. Smrt! If anyone needs him, Perrilloux will be working the tables down at the Hollywood Casino. You know, just watching.

Houston Nutt is happy, contented, excited, fluff piece all things green and not pear-shaped, etc.

Tennessee's ticket prices are going up due to fatter asses. Tennessee ticket prices are soaring up $19 a ticket on average, with peak prices of $70 for the Florida and Alabama games. "We spent endless hours looking at ways to make this happen without raising the prices of tickets, but the facts haven't changed. People are just bigger now, and we need to make sure we put as many people in the stadium as we can without the whole thing getting ridiculous," says AD Mike Hamilton, who refused to attribute the ticket price raise to obesity. "We just have big fans, and that's not a bad thing. It just means you have to pay more per seat for that size."