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Reader Dan points the way to a startling occurrence: Joe Paterno, after years of closed practices, has opened up practices to the prying eyes of the media, and has gone so far as allowing video streams of exactly what's going on inside Penn State's practices. It's not quite "Kim Jong-Il: Cribs" level access, but for spring football it's damn close.

What's going on, you ask?

--Joe Paterno scaring the crap out of a linemen by rushing at him and into a blocking pad in an effort to show him proper pad level and attack angle. (Mind, read: "Please, please don't let him die right here.")

--JoePa screaming at a lineman to "PULL YA SHIRT DOWN"

--Further installation and use of the zone read in the Penn State offense, a look that proved quite effective for Michael Robinson two years ago and was as effective in the Anthony Morelli era as bowling with cinder blocks.

Freedom! JoePa jumps in.