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Sure, Mississippi State football players are shooting each other...

Defensive tackle Quinton Wesley, 21, a junior from Atlanta, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly shot a gun at a car.

Starting left guard Mike Brown, 21, a senior from Atlanta, was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon, allegedly a .38-caliber Cobra pistol, on school property.

and thus earning seven points in the Fulmer Cup: three for each felony there, and one style point for the creative method of instant messaging chosen by Quinton Wesley. Both, by the way, have been not suspended, or put on some temporary probation, or some other variety of bullshit deferment: they're GONE, as in banished from Starkville completely. (No jokes about doing them a favor in the process, or how if you lived in Starkville, you'd go shooting random shit, too.)

Horses are hating on dogs, too, and you're not doing a thing about it.

Everywhere, dude. Haters are everywhere.

The point is: there's cheesecake to be handled here, and served before it gets warm. First, Vanessa Jeri, a Peruvian model sent to us by Bundameister First Rank Kleph; and then, for those who don't even bother with faces, two fine selections from Supertangas, the best website on the planet for people who like looking at women's behinds--and just that, because that's pretty much your only choice over there.

As always: SFW, but not S(mart)FW, m'kay?

Enjoy your weekend, and for those hoops-inclined types, check out Thirty-Five Seconds for ongoing tourney coverage. And now, bunda.