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The last person we can remember being arrested for false imprisonment was Rick James, so the soundtrack for this is a true barn-burner: Rick James and Tina Marie live at the BET awards singing "Fire and Ice," which Rick wrote about methamphetamines and fire, two of his favorite things.

We're catching up, but it bears mention for the spectacular score racked up in a single offense by Arkansas junior linebacker Freddie Fairchild, arrested on Monday for third degree battery and second degree false imprisonment in a domestic incident with his girlfriend.

The victim, said to be Fairchild’s girlfriend in a police report, told police that Fairchild physically attacked her causing injuries to her head, face, arms, legs and pelvis, according to an arrest report. She said after the attack he did not allow her to leave the house for several hours.

Fairchild is assessed seven points total: three for each felony count, and one for reminding us of Rick James, something that will always earn you bonus points in the Fulmer Cup. Petrino has suspended Fairchild pending the legal process' results, which in Petrino-ese means Fairchild will not be suspended, and that the coach just got done with a very promising interview with the University of Washington regarding their head-coaching position.