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Every teenager should subscribe to Sports Illustrated. This is fact. There's 51 issues of decent sportswriting and it provides a good avenue to establishing a steady schedule and practice of leisure reading. All every positive traits for a growing, learning young man.

Then, of course, there's the swimsuit issue, a flimsy excuse to trot out unholy amounts of cheesecake with increasingly nonexistent clothing to cover it. While there's much to be said about leaving things up to the imagination, there are some things you just can't argue with. Like, let's say, a 23-year-old Tyra Banks bringing polka dots back to the land of sexy.

But though Tyra's run in 1997 was outstanding, the overall body of work (sorry) was nonpareil the next year. It is no exaggeration to call it the most important publication of my teenage years, right above The Quintessential Calvin and Hobbes and the instruction manual to Street Fighter II Turbo.

Cover girl Heidi Klum was ridiculously hot, yes, but let's give a nod to the other ladies of the issue as well. Heidi will start us off, and there's more after the break, including That Look. Every man knows it. As always, work-safe by way of technicality, work-inadvisable by way of common sense.