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Hey, Florida's spring practice starts today. Were you aware that Urban Meyer's looking for cornerbacks? If you didn't watch Chad Henne play Bomberman in the Outback Capital One Bowl, perhaps you could just look at the final pass defense rankings for 2007: 98th in the nation against the pass, meaning we might have been better off at corner by blitzing nine every play and eliminating this pesky "corner" position altogether.

Yeah, sure guys. Stand around. Watch the clouds race across the sky. It's all too beautiful!

There's also the look for this elusive "tailback," but it's good to see Robbie Andreu and the others at the Sun chiming in with our initial caveman reactions watching last year's practices pre-injury: Mon Williams, a darting but mean-running back who missed last year's practices with a torn ACL, may beat USC transfer Emanuel Moody for the starting job. It's entirely possible: Williams looked nasty last spring before getting Frank Gore'd and ceding the job to Kestahn Moore, noted for his generosity towards opposing defenses.