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Yes, yes. Quite.

Devin Wordley, Art Critic, gesturing at the wall of a gallery: Yes! Quite! A savage excoriation of the Anglo-Germanic-American bloodlust for competition and cheap, facile artifice without edges; yes, a true jab at the hollow, bloody soul of the worker's theatre. Note the use of faux-trope here as the artist cloaks themselves in the sheep's skin in order to come closer for the true kill, working in the cheap mock-airbrush to get his Trojan Horse of an assault on the mores of violent spectacle: a dog's life shrouded in the illusion of glory, a...

Dude: Dude, that's my favorite poster!

DW: Um, yes? Poster, you say?

Dude: Yeah. If you get high and look at it, you will lose your shit. There's no helping it. I mean...they're dogs, man. And they're playing football!!!

DW: Yes, I see now. Dogs playing football.

Dude: You gay?

Yes, yes. I am. A gay man in need of a new art review before deadline this afternoon.

You may purchase Dexter's favorite piece of subversive football art on Amazon for $29.99, marked down from its original $99.99 robbing selling price.