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Twenty years ago the most important moment in humanity occurred.

You've been Rickrolled on the twentieth anniversary of "Never Gonna Give You Up" hitting number one, motherfuckers. And you're welcome.

Southern Miss, on the board. And on the board large for a three point drug possession charge for Tory Harrison, who as they say int the Dirty was doin' things real big.

He has been charged with possession of over 2 kilos of marijuana with intent to distribute. Police say he had 5 pounds of marijuana in his possession.

Oh, my. While not comparable to the 92 pounds Reuben Houston of Georgia Tech had hauled to his dorm, five pounds of weed in one's possession is a formidable thing indeed. You can actually start your own fiefdom in a college environment with that kind of green, and your name will be sung in epic verse and song for years.


According to his Southern Miss player profile, Harrison was majoring in business administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and small business management.

If there's no other argument for legalization you can buy, consider all the field work and practical experience credit not being counted on college campuses as enterprising young business people leverage risk, work live prices in the marketplace, and perfect supply chain systems. Plus, in a recession, who can blame him for buying in bulk?

Paul's got a list of the coaches with the longest tenure without a BCS bid, and number one with a bullet is Tommy Bowden. Eight years without a BCS bid, nosepicking on national television, and a clumsy diplomatic snafu with the departure of media darling Ray Ray McElrathbey from the team: the first three things coming to mind when the name Tommy Bowden gets pulled from the hat. Oh, wait: nepotism, too. You can't forget good old-fashioned toxic nepotism.

First pick: Bowden is the leader in BCS drought.

Bo Pelini has suspended "several players" and booted (pun) kicker (see?) Daniel Lee from the team. No word on Andy Christensen's fate, the lineman arrested for sexual assault earlier this week.

Kevlar, the business jacket of choice. From an interview with Steve Slaton et. al, a fine estimation of the situation former WVU coaches faced when moving their families from West Virginia to their new digs in Michigan.

FINDER: Did the coaches up at Michigan talk to you guys about what was happening back at West Virginia, with all the fan reaction?

RIVERS: They really don't care. They're up there. [After selling their Morgantown houses and moving their families], they're not trying to get their [butts] shot at here in West Virginia.

We're sure they're joking. Why, West Virginia has one of the lowest home foreclosure rates in the nation, is full of beautiful vistas and scenery, and is an ideal place to raise a family or start a business. And we would never want to piss off people with booze and guns. Especially ones in such a wonderful, reasonable place? You're not pointing that as us, now, are you?