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As always, thanks Dave.

Get money, Urban. In addition to the boatload of simoleons he receives from endorsements and his base salary, Urban Meyer also has $3.75 million dollars of retention bonuses built into his contract. He also has a clause guaranteeing him $2 million dollar a year if he is fired before the term of his contract is up. We're totally going to work this into our next contract with the Sporting News, though the total will likely be closer to $200 and a 12 pack of Honey Brown delivered to our doorstep for no less than two weeks after the firing.

No pressure. Urban Meyer has none of your petty "good mornings" for Emmanuel Moody.

"I walk by him every day and I don't say hello. I walk by him and say, 'I hope you're really good,' " Meyer said last week at his pre-spring news conference. "I don't know what else to say. … I hope he's really, really, really good. I don't know if he is."

Ex-Sooner Tommy Grady came back to Oklahoma for pro day and is stunning teammates with his massiveness. Grady left Oklahoma because Rhett Bomar was going to be the quarterback for rest of time and could be felled by no man, team or scandal except taking thousands of dollars from a car dealer. If the numbers are right, Grady went from 225 as a freshman to 245 pounds of bulginess as a senior, something entirely possible as a young man. Doing this at forty is also totally plausible if the observing party is an idiot and will believe anything, or is your average baseball fan.

Guy Morriss mai be coching thee Kentukee State Thorobreds.

Sample size, dammit! Graphs, numbers, and recruiting services. Warning: analysis of graphs and basic math required. The problem is with sample size, of course, but we understand the limitations of doing a mathematical breakdown of recruiting services: it's difficult, tedious, and boring as shit. That's why cheap, overgeneralizing insults work so, so much better than actual work.