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Give ESPN credit when they earn it: Their story on the Mud City Muck Rabbit Chasers was beyond evocative.

Even with the Bowden talking thing, it's beautiful, haunting work. They make nothing up, either: the Glades Central/Pahokee/Muck City area is rural desolation within shooting distance of Miami, a bizarre blank on the map in the middle of urban subtropical Florida rich only in mosquitoes, football recruits, and sugarcane. Drive through it once and you'll buy every word of the story.

Terrelle Pryor: DO YOU WANT TO FOIGHT? Brian beat us to the Terrelle Pryor/Russell Crowe comparisions, but Terrelle Pryor's tendency to fight at basketball games makes us very, very nervous. Should Pryor not end up playing for the Buckeyes, his inevitable foray into the crowd at the 'Shoe could have Shaun of the Dead-esque results. (Warning! Zombie gore!)

Is Tommy Bowden a flaming asshole? If Ray Ray McElrathbey lived by the terms of his scholarship, took care of his little brother after getting special permission from the NCAA to take donations to help him take care of his little brother, and still got cut--ahem, "did not get his scholarship renewed," then Tommy Bowden is indeed a flaming asshole reeking of musty rancid taco-shit and evil.

We know, we know. Nebraska, football, and sexual assault. It's coming up in the Fulmer Cupdate later this a.m. In the meantime: it's the 90s all over again! Gimme my glowsticks, ginseng tea, and Douglas Coupland books!

Joe Kines, finding his bliss. From reader Capstone Alum, this picture of former Alabama and current Texas A&M defensive coordinator Joe Kines, whom Capstone says jogged by his apartment each morning and never failed to say "hi." This must be incorrect: Joe Kines never failed to say "HAAAIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!" in a voice that likely forced the tenants to put plastic sheeting in their windows in lieu of the shattered windows.

Sadly, it's not an inside trout--though ironically, it is a largemouth bass.