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EA Sports is allowing fans to vote for the mascot who will appear on the cover of NCAA 2009 for the Wii, a dubious honor since if the Wii edition of NCAA is as much of an epilepsy simulator as the Madden franchise is, the game will shovel piles of suck in suckhell forever.

(If you haven't had the chance to play it, its bizarre controls force you to conduct Bernstein's exact hand gestures from guiding the New York Philharmonic through Mahler's Fifth. Our favorite move: the "Throw The Goddamn Thing Into the Ficus Plant" move. Never say we don't know how to throw the ball away when danger nears.)

We cast a vote for Albert, but noticed something previously unseen: SEC mascots are all remorseless killing machines or hammered redneck militiamen with guns. Remember: as a conference we've got the only mascot that's actually been on a killing spree. Toss out the genteel Commodore, and we've unveiled the iconic representation of all the Southeastern United States values: fangs, an unstoppable killing urge, little in the way of higher brain function, and a facility with firearms.