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The Big Board for the week brings us a smashing debut from the Virginia Cavaliers, thus validating reader DevilGrad's prediction that the arrival of former Marshall coach Bobby Pruett on the staff would put the Cavs in the running for the Cup. Your powers frighten and impress us, sir.

Corrections, apologies, and refusals to either correct or apologize follow.

Virginia somersaults into this bitch like Bill and Lance leaping into Nicaragua with the spread gun: UVA cornerback Mike Brown was arrested and charged with one count each of grand larceny, possession of stolen property with intent to sell, alteration of serial numbers and possession of marijuana. The charges were filed in connection with the theft of $3,400 worth of property from a car on the UVA campus. What college student actually has $3,400 worth of anything in their car besides various MP3 players, electronics, and weed is beyond us, but we hope the complainant in question had the good sense to report the loss of all three. The police love it when you report that someone has stolen your weed! It makes them very excited and curious about you, your problems, and when you're available to talk about them face to face!

Three points for grand larceny, three for possession of stolen property with intent to sell, and a cautious pair of one point filings for the other two charges give UVA an eight point award in the Fulmer Cup. Charges to appear on the board as soon as Brian, who is hung like Reggie F'n Nelson, gets our email and updates. Scoring is subject to revision upward on the last two charges, so those of you with a knowledge of the Virginia criminal code, please pipe up, because you will anyway.

All others remain static. Early on, we're still not even through the primaries here. Easter, a Christian holiday we will celebrate by gambling and drinking in Las Vegas for the first weekend of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, sends kids home for potential trouble, and we haven't even gotten to the issue of Spring Break yet. Missouri's lead is neither impregnable nor huge, making this anyone's game down the stretch.