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Andrew Symonds, like most Australians, is awesome from birth and has the antivenom for seven major venomous snakes running through his veins naturally. He's also a cricketer, meaning we should downgrade him from total badass to "merely tougher than we can possibly imagine ever being," but alas, the evidence doesn't lie: he may even be cooler than the average Aussie for his dispatch of a male streaker at the Aussies' match against India.

Warning: this video contains male nudity. And by male nudity, we mean specific glimpses of the asscrack, testicles, the taint, a bit of flapping tackle and a brief and horrifying shot of the man's actual butt-hole on the way down. (Yes, we looked.) If you don't like male nudity, you should watch anyway, because this man gets hit harder by Symonds than anyone got hit by Florida's secondary last season.

We love the reaction of the in-house crew to the announcement of a streaker: applause, cheers, streakers. That and the color guy suggesting that "That was the first tackle of the State of Origin match" make this at least the ninth-best thing we've seen in 2008 thus far.