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This morning we blogged over in the first person at the Sporting Blog that not only does Pete Carroll have a Facebook page, but that we had a friend request on the way for him. Fear us, haters: the request has been approved.

Suck it, world: Pete Carroll just approved our friend request. I'M SO JACKED. We mean, this can start slowly: first we'll just write on each other's Walls, then a little boogie boarding when we're in town, then 3 a.m. push-up contests in South Central while we're out saving inner-city youth together, then I'll move in and be his Kato, you know, helping with the laundry and stuff, then yelling out "TOKYO!" with the defensive staff while we're breaking down film and learning how to live on oxygen, good vibes, and two hours of sleep a night...

Or, you know, we could just write on each other's Walls. We mean, it could just be internet friends. No pressure, Pete!