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He's a minority hire, in one sense. Bob Stoops will bring down somewhere in the completely fucking ridiculous neighborhood of $6 million in total compensation as the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners in 2008 thanks to a $3 million benefit built into his contract. (Adore the humorous understatement of referring to any chunk of 3 million bucks as a "benefit.")

A good question, and an ugly one for the frilly puritans of college football as amateur sport: does this put, for one year at least, Bob Stoops in the territory of Phil Jackson ($6 million/yr) as being one of the highest-paid coaches in the nation, period? This year's total salary will exceed Saban's compensation in the college ranks, but won't eclipse Mike Holmgren's at Seattle in the NFL: the Walrus rolls in a pile of $7 million annually, though that number does vary by report.

Good Fulmercupdate a-comin'. Five words: Oregon State, drankin'; Louisville, Uzi.

Terrelle Pryor isn't coming to Michigan, so go ahead and write it down. If E3W is already writing parody pieces about him then they, like the Onion, are merely writing tomorrow's news today.

Hey, people like to comment on stuff. Imagine. Our piece on why people hate Duke basketball is over at the Sporting News, and currently has 124 comments. We're positive they're all intelligent, insightful, and totally worth reading, as are most open comment threads on mainstream media sites.

In further offseason distractions: Yacht Rock returns! Fuck you, Buffett! Kevin Bacon wants to know if you want a little Me-L-T sandwich, baby!

Damn you, Yacht Rock, for making me want to create a time machine to go get wasted with James Ingram and Michael McDonald.