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Yes, they've proposed rule changes. We're going through the spice cabinet looking for the right blend of profanity to cover just what a fucking terrible ass-chancre of an idea this is. Repeat: bad idea.


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Tennessee boots two from the team for unspecified reasons. Antonio Wardlow and Donnie Davis both had trouble in their recent past--Wardlow for a fight in November of 2006, Davis for an in-season fight in his hometown of Iowa City in October of last year--but we only get the "rules violations" tag as the reason for their dismissal. If they did do something, it'll pop in the next few days, but if they didn't, it's an indication that Phil Fulmer really, really doesn't want the Cup that bears his name. (Unless you fill it with the tasty meat sauce and a-give to the Papa! So happy he is, he dances to the song!)

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Nick Saban can't count. Or worse yet, he can: Brian is shocked, shocked! in finding out that again, an SEC school has signed more recruits than they can possibly put on scholarship. Even more shocked, shocking! is the fact that it's Nick Saban, an old hand at juggling massive signing classes: greyshirts, JUCO guys, and the old reliable: forcing people off the team because you want to put another player in his place. It's not quite as bad as Brian paints it...but it's cold, opportunistic roster manipulation more often seen at the NFL level. Meaning: bad.

Josh Booty, sacked by police and tasered. Well, of course he was. As most SEC defenders of his era can attest, he's easily confused and more easily caught.

Bear Necessity has Pac-10 recruiting maps showing exactly what you think: desperate and against the wall with barrels pointed at him, Ty Willingham actually locked down Seattle. Part one here; part two, here.