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A big day for the ancien regime. Yesterday was the day to praise allegedly dead aristocrats: 1985 broke out all over again in college recruiting as Notre Dame, Alabama, Miami, and Oklahoma had large days in the handshake wars, passing out Ocean Pacific shirts for the boys and jelly shoes for the girls in a celebration of Huey Lewis-era recruiting trends. Phil Collins duet-awesome is the one and only word to describe how all of them did yesterday.

The top ten classes, in an extremely scientific and indisputable manner from

1 Alabama
2 Notre Dame
3 Florida
4 Miami
5 Oklahoma
6 Georgia
8 Florida State
9 Ohio State
10 Michigan

Again: this is science, and you're looking at the exact finish of the BCS top ten in three years. Glad we could save you the trouble of watching the games, or of showing you the five biggest disappointments, because Brian's already got that. Tommy Tuberville is in fucking trouble. Underline that: oh-for-seven in-state against Saban.

The big get for Alabama was Julio Jones, the phenomenal Alabama wideout who adopted a vow of silence leading up to his recruitment. Jones announced on ESPNU with an admirable lack of fanfare: walked in, thanked people, put on a hat, and then shut up and left. The gloating may begin for Alabama fans, who claim their 363rd national title and can begin letting everyone know about their heaping pile of recruiting awesome, starting with their leader's Ari Goldian celebration.

Yes, it's LSUFreek.

Miami, too, can only begin to express their glee in the form of gif animation No better summary of Miami's triumphant day at the races can be found than the Great Barstoolio's recruiting diary, a gif-strewn litany of recruiting exultation from start to finish. If you were to tell us that she was up at 4:45 a.m. waiting by the fax machine like Pete Carroll, we would not have been surprised, though she would have been listening to Rick Ross instead of the Who, what with being a Miami fan and all. Randy Shannon truly was a shoplifting seagull yesterday, walking into Miami Northwestern and taking all the chips he liked.

Yes, he made it up. All of it.

Terrelle Pryor is still standing at the Starbucks. No, go ahead ma'am. He's not sure what he wants, actually...there's just so many...choices....