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Florida State: massive athletic program! Huge state school! Facilities, yes please! A rolling behemoth, a corporation in itself. Certainly the president, T.K. Wetherell, will back away and appoint a professional with the tools and experience to handle the myriad problems Florida State faces, including the declining performance of their football, baseball, and basketball teams, the academic improprieties affecting the football team and beyond. That's precisely what a leader would do, just delegate responsibly and...

Utah State athletic director Randy Spetman, a retired Air Force colonel with nearly a dozen years' experience running college athletic departments, was named Monday to take over Florida State's troubled program.

Oh, terribly sorry. Strike everything we said. Hiring the Utah State AD to run the program means you just want a yes man, and may in fact make him wear this t-shirt to the job daily.


Remember, just say yes. It will get you places in life you couldn't possibly imagine.