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We normally wouldn't highlight a 3-star recruit, but in Rivals' case we think they have it wrong: Terrence Cody is a four-star recruit on size alone, quality be damned. Something that big just needs four stars, agile or not. Cody, a juco defensive lineman out of Perkinston Gulf Coast Community College, may be the first who lists "plate tectonics" and "controlling tides" as hobbies. He stands 6' 5" and weighs 395 pounds, meaning he's a steak dinner shy of 400 pounds at any given moment.

Provided he stays with his verbal commit to Alabama--and we pray he does, since sudden movement could have an impact on water supplies and the gravitational/magnetic fields of the earth, and that means no internet for ten minutes NOOOOO--nicknames will be necessary for Cody. We suggest Antarctica, Galactus, and Saturn, and salivate at the thought of the world's first 1-5-5 defense.

Wanna know what Cloverfield is about? Spoiler! It's about Terrence Cody's eight grade trip to New York City.