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According to the always reliable internet buzz, Will Muschamp to Texas is a done deal, with something like 1.6 mil over three years as the pay. If either Mack Brown or Tommy Tuberville comes headhunting for you as an assistant, you're truly gifted as a coordinator, and a spot as the DC at Texas is the next logical stepping stone to a head job for the still frighteningly young (34) Muschamp, who's piling up the little Ivy League applicant coaching resume: forged in the furnace of Saban Academy, coaching under Tuberville at Auburn, and now likely to pilot a Texas d badly in need of repair. He's playing Resume Hero and doing so in an extremely impressive fashion. If he could only get a gig as Pete Carroll's tiny assistant, he'd have the perfect CV.

Having a top ten defense helps, too. What Muschamp's defense has in common with former Texas DC Gene Chizik's attack is a collective satanic mean streak, though Muschamp's defenses don't tend to lead with the head like Chizik's did. (Hello, Reggie Brown. Hello, Joel Klatt.) Muschamp's also way more blitzy, and will often come into the second half with rapid and canny adjustments. (Hello, Florida 2006.) They just play mean, fast, and smart football without making things too difficult on themselves, something Texas' defense needs badly.

In short: he yells, he barely sleeps, and his players would by all indications eat glass for him. Sold!

HT: Orangebloods.