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Central Michigan lost the loss of pained heroes last night, giving Purdue a minute and change to drive for the winning field goal in a 51-48 victory in the Motor City Bowl.

Even against the addled Purdue defense Dan LeFevour looked impressive: 292 yards and four tds passing, 114 yards and two scores on the ground, and some toughness displayed late when Purdue's defenders suddenly awoke to find themselves suited up and playing critical snaps late in a game, and hey why not decide to actually hit the quarterback? Curtis Painter suffered no such indignities late, and was eating cucumber sandwiches in the backfield as he tallied 546 yards and three scores, including a composed final drive for the winning field goal.

Man, that's a great sandwich. Hey, the underneath route's open...again.

All in all, for a December 26th bowl game it punched well above its weight. And hey! There was footage of Andre Ware handing off to Barry Sanders! Otherwise known as his pro highlight tape!

With an attitude like that...Notre Dame President Emeritus Father Theodore Hesburgh says two win seasons aren't the end of the world, and makes an important theological distinction.

"But I don't think football is like eternal salvation."

Trick question: football IS eternal salvation. Ur the0logy: FAIL.

It would make great tinder for a couch fire. A West Virginia fan is Ebaying his beard grown during his football season, claiming he's doing what Mountaineers do for each other: sharing beards. Wondering why West Virginia fans would be unable to grow beards (meth lab explosion) on their own faces is an unanswered question, but the entry makes for good readin':

The beard has served coach Huggins well this season. I will try to get coach Huggins to touch it at the Oklahoma vs. WVU game on 12.29.2007. I will take a picture for proof of the touch, and you will get a copy.

Mmmmm...a beard that smells like scotch. Fifty dollars is just a start on the bidding, if you ask us. (HT: College Game Balls.)

Al Golden has withdrawn his name from the UCLA coaching search, leaving Dewayne Walker and Rick Neuheisel in the running for the job, meaning you've got Rick Neuheisel in the job, meaning you'll have recruiting violations like WHOA, very good offenses, and a coach who kind of looks like Gretchen Mol coaching in LA, an entirely appropriate thing. He and Pete Carroll can have competitive youth-offs where the other demonstrates his youth and vigor by doing something even more adolescent and trendy. If Carroll boogie-boards, Neuheisel will have Hannah Montana tapes blaring at practice; if Carroll responds by having the Wiggles playing while he fires up the team, Neuheisel will be blowing the whistle at particularly large fetuses on ultrasounds at local hospitals.

This will all end in tears, but you knew that already. Unless you're Bruins Nation, who's taking what they consider to be the lesser of two "mehs" in hiring the head coach with actual head coaching experience.

It's like we're soul sisters or something. Siblings, we mean... Erin Andrews lists Shout Wipes, an iPod, a MacBook, and Bumble and Bumble hair products as things she can't live without on the road. We, too, love all of these and now rarely leave home without them. Who this should disturb more is unclear, but it's undeniably disturbing, especially since we just admitted that we love Bumble and Bumble hair products in public.