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Friday Cheesecake

What does Friday Cheesecake mean to you?

For Orson, it's a chance to post all that great ass he covets...

For me? It's an escape, man...

An escape to a world totally unlike the one I actually inhabit. And right now the world I inhabit is fucking cold and fucking landlocked.

So I daydream about the beach. And collages of immortal women in warm water.

And if I can't be on the beach, I'd sure as shit rather be in Texas, where this week's Chessecakestress -- Kim Smith of Houston -- was born. Ah, those Texas women. Take it away, Miss Smith:

Marry me?

And finally, as a special treat, Friend Of Cheesecake kleph put together a flip book and Google Map of international cheesecake.

View Larger Map

Long live EDSBS.... And happy weekend, motherfuckers.