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Missouri's Secret Shame, Volleyball Mascot: Miz Meow!

The Missouri Tigers went from the proverbial driver's seat to riding in the bed of the pickup truck in three horrific hours on Saturday night. It's tough medicine, to be sure, but it's also no time for crying. No one wants to hear you whine about being left out of the BCS, Missouri. Your football program has been a joke for as long as we can remember and one good season does not afford you the respect you think you're entitled to. This was a good season for you, so let's not leave on bad terms. You were the #1 team in the country and had a chance to avenge your only loss of the season. You got an opportunity to show the nation that you were for real -- and you blew it in spectacular fashion. Oklahoma pistol-whipped you, as evidenced by this animated drive chart . The Sooners used your carcass to convince me that they may actually be the best team in the country right now, so let this be a learning experience for your entire beleaguered state. If you want to be known for more than meth production and excessive Christianity, then I suggest you take a few plays off, look at what you've accomplished, and focus on beating a Nuttless Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. Godspeed!