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We'll be at the SEC Championship Game this weekend, covering it for the Sporting News and taking pictures, talking to drunk people, and actually entering the pressbox. Fear for our lives, but check this space for further updates, pictures, and other tomfooleries from the game, as well as our full-blown, ADD-addled blog coverage over on The Sporting News.

We would be remiss and blazing with disrespect if we didn't mention the death of Evil Knievel in this space before leaving for the weekend, though. Knievel inspired millions with his crochet patterns, his passion for flamenco dancing, and his subtly phrased viola solos in to packed houses in Milan, Tokyo, Sydney, and his landmark concert in Antarctica with G.G. Allin.

Ha! We're just kidding. He liked to fuck himself on camera in bizarre and spectacular ways, and people liked to watch him almost die in exotic and explosive ways. You can practically watch as his pelvis shatters into a thousand little pebbles in this clip of Knievel's attempt to jump the fountains at Caesar's. And you will.

There's entirely too little of this sort of public redneck daring these days. According to the clip info on Youtube, Linda Evans was the cameraperson on this clip. We're sure Evil got right up after this happened and made sweet love to her right there in front of the thousands of gorehounds who turned up to watch him die. Or, er...he made love to her after he woke up from the 29 day coma the accident put him into.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember: life's the Snake River, and you're already strapped into a rocket car without a plan or a clue. Enjoy the descent.