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Come down off that ledge, Michigan Man/Woman: it's not Ferentz, according to the Wolverine,'s Michigan site. The source is "really, really good and you'll have to trust this because we're all flying blind in this thing, you know, because it's a coaching search, and those really just come down to, what, like 3 people talking in a room or something, and like, big drug deals have more witnesses than the negotiations involved in most hires, like right?"

Yeah, like right. On to the Hat and Brian Kelly for Michigan, who doesn't really need to be in a hurry with this one. In fact, for those sweating it out, it's going to be a sauna of a coaching search. Both Cincinnati and LSU are headed to bowl games, and the hire could, in theory at least, stretch into the bowl season if Michigan's going to be as deliberate and decorous about this thing as we think they'll be.