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CURIOUS INDEX, 11/20/2007

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Your soundtrack for this edition of the CI. Is it over? AIIIIIIGGGHHH!!!!

Les Miles choked up when asked about the Michigan job at his weekly press conference, fighting back tears and stating that he has not been contacted about the Michigan job...yet.

"It's unfair to Michigan to say that they should. It's unfair to me and my team. I promise you this, what I'm doing is what you should do — let it rest. I'm playing football for LSU. I love this team."

Miles teared up and paused for 15 seconds before composing himself. "And I'll not do anything to hurt it," he said as his voice broke. "Any questions?"

Ooh, he's crying because he won't hurt the team, because talking about the Michigan job he's already taken would hurt LSU! Or, he's not going to take the job if it's offered because he's so emotionally tied to LSU! It's great how you can read whatever you like into this! So go ahead and do that!

(Oh, and the obligatory "Your coach is a total pussy because he cried" comment. Because we've never cried. Nope. Ever. Especially not at Dumbo where Dumbo's mom gets locked up and he visits her and they touch trunks through the bars...excuse us for a moment..)

HT: Sports by Brooks.

Bill Callahan will "learn his fate" on Saturday, according to the AP. The choice of words amuses us: BILL CALLAHAN, YOU ARE TO DIE BY WEASEL ATTACK ON SATURDAY. Callahan: "You impudent hillbillies, I bid you adieu from the mouth of hell, where I shall keep a parlor seat open for you and you especially." His "fate" is that he's going to be fired, in case you've been, you know, doing something else for the past three months.

The Institute of Awesome Studies brings us the news that college students often take advantage of football games to drink a lot.

"These results indicate drinking is connected not only to the game itself, but to the social context associated with the event," Fromme said in a statement. "Most events associated with heavy drinking occur only once a year, such as spring break, but the weekly football schedule presents students with more regular opportunities to drink."

We object with the "events associated with heavy drinking occur only once a year," as Peter O'Toole still lives and breathes on this planet with we mortals.

Linebacker Geno Hayes of the Florida State Seminoles says Tim Tebow "is going down" in Saturday's game against the Florida Gators in Gainesville.

"We are going to have the attitude that Tim Tebow is going down this week,'' Hayes said. "That's what we're going to say, that Tim Tebow is going down. Y'all put that down. Tim Tebow is going down this week. That's attitude.''

Well, yes, that certainly attitude. We'd love to make fun of Hayes here, but he's a very, very serious guy. Hayes was the guy who, when he was confronted by police during a nightclub fight earlier this season, chose being tasered over cooperation. So while he may not have a good understanding of the human body's ability to function while being electrocuted, we can't short him on commitment to his goals.

Cal's season officially hit bottom at halftime during the Washington game, not afterwards when Cal lost to the Huskies in Seattle. Why? The halftime entertainment, former Cal-Berkeley student William Hung, demolished halftime clad in Huskies gear.

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